I still remember the shock of moving from the small rural primary school of Wakanui to the comparative enormity of Ashburton College. However, I adapted pretty quickly and have many fond memories of the college, in particular the creative chaos of the art room run by Glenn Smith.

From Ashburton I went on to study architecture at Auckland University and then art at Brera Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan and Central Saint Martins in London. When moving to London I also completed my registration as an architect through Westminster University. So art and architecture were interwoven throughout my education and continue to be now in my working life.

I’ve been based in London since finishing my studies here, but spend a lot of time abroad for exhibitions and commissions. My works engage a range of different media from sculpture and installation to photography and film. However, all the works follow my interest in the connections between art and science, in particular recent works have been focused on how we perceive the physical world and how far our perception is from what we call reality.

Currently I’m working on a range of projects from gallery exhibitions to commissions for larger sculptures within private and public collections.

Despite being abroad for a quite a few years now, New Zealand still feels very much like home.

Rebekah nee WeaversRebekah Robinson nee Weavers

Blue House, 1984-1988

Rebekah loved choir, creative writing and gymnastics, and is still in touch with many alumni including best friends Hilary Ingle (nee Croy), Rachel Wilkins-McLay, and Diana Philip (nee Shanks). Her favourite teachers were Keith Gunn, Roderick Lonsdale, Pamela Edsall, Lynne Judkins and Julie Morrow, though many more made a positive impact. Rebekah lives in Brisbane, Australia with hubby & two kids, all of whom are taller than she is. A former school chaplain, Rebekah now freelances as a singer and graphic designer.

elfleda dixonElfleda was at college from 1979-1983 and a member of Green House. She was involved in netball, volleyball and athletics.

Amongst her most memorable moments was the thrill of developing her own photographs for her photography class.

Loyal to the end, she refuses to name friends she got into trouble with!

Her favourite teachers were Mr Lynn, Mr Faith and typing teacher Norma Tait, who helped her get her first job.

After school, Elfleda moved to Wellington and was a secretary in a travel agency. She became a travel consultant and account manager. She now manages Whitcoulls in Ashburton.

She says she would take studying more seriously if she could go back in time.

Elfleda and her husband Pat have two children, Josh and Shanaia, who have also attended college.