alice moodyAlice was at Ashburton College from 1994 - 1999 and a member of Blue House.

She was very much into the arts scene participating in the Stage Challenge and playing violin in the orchestra.

Alice's most memorable school moments were the Japan Tour where she was accompanied by Chris and Mary Buckland, along with actually making it through the five years of secondary school alongside her best mate Karen Skevington.

Liz Carrick - Stage Challenge along with Jane Taylor - Geography were teachers who made a great impression. So much so that Alice went on to train as a teacher and can be found at Ashburton Borough Primary School.

If she could go back in time to her school days, her advice to herself would be...don't take it too seriously, have fun and don't worry about the small stuff.



malcolm tarbottonMichael started his secondary education at Ashburton Technical High School in 1953.

As a member of Green House he also went on to captain the Boys' 1st XI Hockey team.

His partner in crime was Neil Alexander.

Michael's most memorable moments were the socials, that were held at the start and end of every term (3 terms back then) The students played musical instruments and the venue (what is now the Police Station) swung into life.

When it came to the teachers that made an impact, three immediately came to mind: Colin Knight, Bill Corbett & Trevor Gibson, the latter not so fondly, as that involved three of the best with the cane for something very trivial.

If he could go back to his school days and give himself some advice it would be to take the right path, watch and learn.

After leaving school in 1957 Michael worked for his father and has been on the land ever since. He is currently very busy working on his subdivision on Tarbottons Rd.



Liz CarrickLiz started college in 1976 and was a member of Orange House. A drama enthusiast, she recalls very fond memories of her role as Mrs Brockhurst in The Boyfriend.

Another memorable moment was in the 7th Form Common Room and Ann Stapleton being very growly with all the shenanigans! 

Elaine Vallender nee Isles was her all time favourite teacher.

After leaving school, Liz went to UC, Teachers College and then returned to AshColl as a teacher from 1986-88. During this time she initiated the Stage Challenge in which Ashburton College went on to win 4 years in a row.

Her teaching profession has taken Liz all over the world with stints in England, China and DP of schools in Bangladesh, Singapore and Indonesia. She is now back home, Mum to two lovely daughters and you guessed it, back at college. Welcome back Liz!