Sally ReidSally Reid (1974-79)
Green House
Sally was into sports, including badminton, gymnastics, trampolining and swimming. She counts getting a sports blue as a highlight of her time.
When it came to fun, or making trouble, she was often in the company of Moana Moore and Lee Hansen.
Her favourite teachers were Deb St John and Miss Stapleton (English).
She left school for a job as a teller at the ANZ bank, where she stayed until 1988 when she left for England. She was in the motherland for 20 years and now works as a financial advisor in Ashburton.
She wishes she had paid more attention at school.

mikefarrellMike Farrell (1974-78)
Green House
Mike remembers the fun of athletic prelims. He was good over the 800m and 1500m and wold get through to finals day in these events.
He says he was sometimes in trouble with Mr Bagshaw, his sixth form physics teacher, and can still recall science teacher Dave Turner’s words: “Punctuality is a virtue I must learn to cultivate for the value of other people and myself.”
Don McKenzie was his favourite maths teacher, and Mr Ryder for English. He also remembers Dot Capon and Julie Barlass.
After leaving school, he did a carpentry apprentice in Christchurch and worked for Fletchers all around New Zealand. He came back to Ashburton in 1983 and worked for Bradfords, then Helmacks ITM and Placemakers. He has been working for the Ashburton District Council for 11 years.

Ross Preece3Consideration of our Alumni - As a newcomer to our school and town I was delighted to discover a fledgling Alumni organisation . Like many new organisations  this has been founded by a groundswell of ex pupils determined to give something back to ‘their old school’. This hasn’t been established by the college itself but rather by an enthusiastic group of ex pupils who have been kind enough to include me in their meetings and future plans.
I see the Alumni providing two key functions. The first of these is to link with the schools past and to support the development of an Ashburton College heritage. As a new comer to town it’s very clear that long established features such as the house system are essential to maintain. One of my staff members (who is an Ashburton College old girl) was offered a promotion as head of house. She turned it down because it wasn’t ‘her house’. In town I’ve had many conversations with ex 1st XV members interested in this year’s team.
Any ex pupil of the college has a link to the past.
The second feature of our Alumni is helping Ashburton College to prepare for the future. This comes in numerous forms but is often via support for future initiatives, links with the local businesses and employers and the adoption of a “how can we help” attitude.
As principal it gives me much pleasure to support the Ashburton College Alumni.