Lachie Davidson Egg Throwing webFormer Ashburton College head boy Lachie Davidson and Ben McColgan, egg-throwing champions of the world. Photo supplied.Ashburton has another world champion flying the New Zealand flag on the world stage, this time in egg throwing.

Former Ashburton College head boy Lachie Davidson and his team-mate Ben McColgan finished first at the World Egg Throwing Championships in the United Kingdom in the early hours of Monday morning (NZ time).

The pair successfully threw the egg 60m, with Davidson doing the throwing and McColgan, a wicket-keeper, the catching.

The pair qualified for the event after finishing second at the New Zealand Rural Games after only initially entering the have-a-go competition.

“We were doing the fencing and stuff and hadn’t even thought about the egg throwing, but we won the have-a-go section and ended up in the nationals which was full of cricket players and baseball players,” Davidson said before the trip to the United Kingdom.

The pair that won the national title chose not to take up the offer of a free trip to the world championships, handing it to Davidson and McColgan.

The flights to the event in England were sponsored by a travel company and Davidson said Massey University has jumped on-board, sponsoring their team outfits, proudly showing off their name, the Yolk Ferns.

Prior to the competition, Davidson said their goal was to head over and give it a good crack and have a bit of fun.

By Jaime Pitt-MacKay © The Ashburton Guardian - 2 July 2019

280619 JPM 0013 Mitchell Farr Ashburton College webMitchell Farr will be turning out for Mid Canterbury Combined 1st XV on Saturday before quickly packing his bags to head to the United Kingdom for a three-week Shakespeare tour. Photo Jaime Pitt-MacKayIn less than 24 hours, Ashburton College student Mitchell Farr is going from waiting on the wings to receive his cap for the Mid Canterbury Combined 1st XV, to waiting in the wings at the Globe Theatre in London.

A recurring shoulder injury has meant that Farr is set to receive his cap should he take to the field in their game against Timaru Boys’ High School today, but it has come with an unfortunate clash.

He departs for England with the Big Little Theatre Company trip on the same day.

“It is gonna be pretty tight,” he said.

“I will get home from the after-ball and try and get as much sleep as possible and get ready for rugby.

“I have got to be careful not to get injured as I don’t want to be injured before jetting across the world.”

The trip to the United Kingdom will see 15 members spending three weeks learning all things to do with Shakespeare, including a visit to the Globe Theatre in London, where they will perform on the stage.

While rugby and the theatre can often be seen as worlds apart, Farr says he thinks it is a strength to have a mix of both in his life.

“It is good to have a mix of keeping active and having a creative side,” he said.

“I have done plenty of Shakespeare in the past. I was part of a group a few years ago that was doing a grade six or seven exam in Shakespeare and we got a distinction and the highest result in that category in the world.”

While getting the chance to travel across the world and work with some of the best Shakespeare practitioners in the world was a massive achievement, Farr said receiving his cap would also be something memorable.

“It is something I have been working towards for two years and it is a big thing, but I am also fortunate to get the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world.”

Battling it out against some of the top schoolboy rugby teams in the country can be a challenge, but Farr said the team face the challenge with positivity.

“The team has gelled really well this year and everyone gets on,” he said.

“When you’re in a tough competition like that it could be easy to fall apart and take it out on each other.

“There are plenty of positives to take from each week and just as much to work on.”

By Jaime Pitt-MacKay © The Ashburton Guardian - 29 June 2019

270619 JPM 0029 College Ball prep 2019 webThe Ashburton College ball committee has been busy sorting out tickets and decorations this week ahead of the ball tonight. Photo Jaime Pitt-MacKayOnce the finishing touches are complete, those attending tonight’s Ashburton College ball will be treated to an elegant, sophisticated night to enjoy.

This year’s Ashburton College ball is themed Olympus Awaits, and the venue, the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, will be decorated with classical Greek pillars, ivy, fountains and statues, with a strong use of white and gold as colours.

“There is a big variety of ancient Greek decorations and it is really enhanced from last year,” the committee said.

“It is very elegant and quite different from last year.”

It will be the fourth year the ball has been held at the Event Centre, and deputy principal Helen Shore-Taylor said the students are getting used to the environment they have to work with to prepare the ball.

“Everyone knows what they are doing and everyone has a part to play,” she said.

“The weather is also set to be great which is good.”

Shore-Taylor said the public were more than welcome to come along and watch the students as they made their way down the red carpet and into the venue after being dropped off.

“The event starts at 8pm and there will be tiered seating and lots of viewing for people to enjoy them walking down the red carpet along with the music and the decorations,” she said.

By Jaime Pitt-MacKay © The Ashburton Guardian - 28 June 2019