amanda crozierAmanda Watson (1986-90)
Orange House
Amanda (nee Crozier) loved her school days and was always part of the house challenges. Fourth form (year 10) camp was a memorable experience.
She had plenty of fun with Sarah Crum, Sarah Pratt, Kerry Watson and Vikki Prendergast. Teachers who made an impact on her were Kevin Gwatkin (geography), Mr Saunders (science), Helen Shore-Taylor and Karin McKenzie.
She left school in her Year 13 to attend a tourism course in Cromwell and then joined Camp America, working near Boston. She came back to Ashburton, with husband Chris, 15 years ago and now works for the Ashburton District Council.

Brendan PriceBrendan Price (1974-76)
Blue House
Brendan remembers his best times at college when he was “blowing stuff up” in the science room with Dave Turner. He credits the science teacher for helping him pass School Cert science.
He had a lot of fun, and got into trouble, with Grant Smith and Peter Maynard.
Brendan left school to become an apprentice at Ashburton Motors. His learning continued as an adult diesel mechanic apprentice and then as a motorcycle mechanic at Honda Country in 1986. He bought the store in 1993 and motorcycles have continued to be his work and passion ever since.

erin taskerErin Tasker (1996-2001)
Green House
Tennis was always Erin’s game at school though she took part in events like stage challenge.
She had the most fun with Nicole Saunders and says her English teacher Roderick Lonsdale had a big impact on her. She went on to use her English skills working as a journalist.
After leaving school, Erin worked for the Ashburton Guardian for 13 years. She now works for the Selwyn and Ashburton Outlook and is the mother of Jack and Riley.