digby prosser

Judith and I remember our time in Ashburton with affection and pride. The Alumni is a means of communication and celebration.

It enhances the sense of community with the college and reminds everybody that some really high achieving people have been part of our college and that is cause for celebration.

For a huge number of ex-students, their successes in the Ashburton community reflect their beginnings at their college and they should feel proud about that.

It reminds us that education locally is a preparation for a competitive world.

Digby Prosser

simon barnettI recall my days at Ashburton College with genuine affection! There was a tremendous community spirit and feel about the school, a commitment to the students education and well being and without wanting to sound arrogant the school punched well above it's weight in terms of sporting success and the arts.

When i reflect on what a school should provide it would have to be said, above all else is "opportunity" and i am proud to say Ashburton College provide students with ample opportunity to explore and compete in every possible arena.

Ashburton College reflects Ashburton as a whole, pro active, vibrant, and committed to getting the best out of people.

Warm Regards,